How PCG Can Help

COVID-19 is creating significant challenges for school districts. PCG’s range of solutions and services can support your district or state right now.

EDPlan™ Connect

EDPlan Connect is our all-in-one caregiver portal that promotes increased family involvement in a child’s education. Whether it’s signing an Individualized Education Program (IEP), consenting to bill Medicaid, or prescribing services via Order/Referral, with EDPlan Connect, caregivers now have a central place to access student records online in their native language; sign documents electronically and save time; receive automatic and personalized notifications from other key stakeholders; and stay up to date with student progress.


Pepper Digital Toolkit

The Pepper Digital Toolkit contains a library of tools and resources to help educators establish Online and Distance Learning instructional models based on best practices.

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Special Education Research, Action Planning, and Facilitation

Subject matter experts and consultants can research best practices, inventory resources, guide action planning, and facilitate the development of digital learning instructional continuity plans, to help you address emergency situations that result in interrupted education for students with disabilities.


Supporting Students with Significant Disabilities

This document created by Project Success identifies key strategies and considerations for implementation when supporting students with significant intellectual disabilities through distance learning. Additional information about Project Success and support for teachers now serving students with significant disabilities virtually can be found here:


Teach Every Child Connector (TECC)

Teach Every Child Connector (TECC) provides access to relevant instructional data housed in EDPlan™ directly in your learning management system and provides useful reports to mine your data to effectively support personalized instruction in a digital environment.

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Virtual Tutoring and Coaching Solutions

Our virtual tutoring and coaching solutions provide trained professionals to augment staffing needs, and work directly to support your efforts to provide continuity of instruction and services during this emergency period—using your available digital learning solutions or providing PCG’s EDPlan™ suite of tools.

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